Gene-Gene the Dancing Machine!

Go For It!

Eugene Patton, the Dancing Machine, April 25, 1932-March 9, 2015.

Gene was infectious! Gene was on fire! Gene was the best ever!

He’s gone now, and another light has gone out. He had not been dancing (on his feet at least) in a while, and had not been on television since I was kid (unless you’re a game show network junky), but whenever I hear Count Basie’s “Jumpin’ at the Woodside” I am compelled to get up and do a shuffle.

You doubt what I say? Why, when Gene hit the stage women would fling their shirts off in glee! People would throw things! And Chuck would pee his pants!

Ah, it was the best of times. We miss you Gene. Ask Gabriel to learn a Basie tune or two.