If you have a message for me you’ll have to figure out the address in this image. Gotta slow down the spam robots somehow.

emailimage3Can’t figure it out? Can’t see the image? The first part is my first name (that would be the j e f f part). The rest is set up like most email addresses: my name “at” the name of the web site (don’t forget the .com).

I live in San Luis Obispo, California if you are thinking you want to see these instruments in person. Send an email and we’ll work something out.

If you are thinking of buying an instrument without seeing them in person I have a couple of caveats. While all the instruments I build are quite playable and will stay in tune, they are quirky hillbilly instruments made out of a cookie tin. If you are the sort who enjoys playing silly songs like “The Thing” or “Alphabutt” then you are looking in the right place for an instrument.

If you talk me into shipping an instrument to you sight-unseen, I will ask that you pay all shipping charges, the cost of packing materials, and all PayPal fees and these costs will not be refunded if you return an instrument to me. In addition, no refund will be made until the instrument is in my hands in its original condition. Sorry folks, I’m not Amazon. I can’t eat the fees and shipping. The prices of these instruments don’t leave much room for extra costs.