5 hours of work in 1 minute 15 seconds

5 hours of work in 1 minute 15 seconds from The Tinkers Damn on Vimeo.

I started a new tin yesterday and had the thought that I should film the process just after I started working on the center bulge. The work took about 5 hours and I shot a total of about 10 minutes of video. That was edited and sped up to make 1 and a quarter minutes. Whee!

Notes for the curious: There are lots of bits missing. I did not film much of the time I spent looking for soft spots and fixing them up. Why am I tapping on the tin along the way? To make it ring and show how the sound changes. By the end the tin rings with something closer to one note, kind of like a gong, rather than clunking like a can. At the very end you can see me press down on the dimples to test the stiffness of the center and the flex of the perimeter. If you want to know more, have a look at part one and part two of the how it’s made posts.

This was fun to edit. I may have caught the bug to make a film like this for the other parts of the process.