texas dulcimer

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The Collin Street Bakery puts fruit cake in some pretty swell cookie tins, but not all of them have a blue lid and historical scenes on the sides. This is a dulcimer or dulcitar with four strings and a diatonic scale. It can be tuned and played lots of ways but typically only two strings are pressed to the frets and the remaining two are drones.

  • tin dimensions: 7 1/8 x 2 3/4 inches
  • scale length: 500 mm, 19 5/8 inches
  • head to tail 675mm, 26 5/8 inches
  • G .008, C .013, G .008, G .008
  • maple neck
  • mahogany fret board
  • diatonic scale
  • acrylic neck tie strap
  • black friction tuning pegs

Sorry folks, this instrument is taken. It is on its way to a new home for lots of easy porch strumming on summer evenings.